For 25 years Michael has been innovating and creating programming for major fitness franchises such as Equinox, Spectrum Fitness Clubs, Reebok, TRX, DKN-USA, Body Blade and Exercise TV.

Additionally, He has trained numerous athletes and celebrities, been hired to choreograph top selling work out systems such as Carmen Electra’s best-selling Aerobic striptease, the Paula Abdul Cardio Cheerleading series, The Surfer Girl Workout, the Get Sexy Workouts, and the ENVY series.

Michael has been featured on ABC, CBS, and the NBC news, HSN, EXTRA, and multiple talk shows as a health and fitness expert.


Subjects were instructed to work out to Fit in Seconds 90 second videos within 15 minutes of all meals for a 30 day period. Subjects were weighed on Day 1 and Day 30. Subjects lost an average of 7 lbs over the 30 day period. According to a new study in the journal Diabetologia,breaking up exercise sessions into “snack”-size sessions—just for one minute at an intense enough level to push your heart to 90 percent of its maximum beating rate, about 30 minutes before eating a meal— helps keep blood sugars even and balanced.

The study focused on participants who were in the beginning stages of showing signs of insulin resistance. Each volunteer exercises in different ways before eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their blood sugar levels were measured on exercise days, and on post-exercise days. The researchers found that those people who “exercise snacked” before eating registered lower blood sugar levels—for a full 24 hours—than those who worked out for 30 minutes but had lower heart rates while doing so.

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